Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Nice Write Up

The Bubbly featured me on their home page with a large photo and write up. I'm thrilled about it especially since it's a zine on Soho/Tribeca area and I'm pretty far from there. It's great when people really like my designs. Here is the link:

Since they don't have archives I will just have to c/p here for all to read:

Anne Maa, SoCal-based jewelry designer, has all the flair of a modern artist. Her designs are hip, offbeat, and creative. Yet, they maintain the necessary classiness for urbanites, uptown or downtown, young and old. Maa's jewelry designs are for the woman whose fashion taste is always up-to-date, while never becoming a slave to passing trends.
Maa has been designing jewelry for two years, and has a strong a foundation in fashion design. Her inspiration comes from her chosen materials, which include various colored stones, among other selected mediums. "Their color, feel, texture and shape tell me exactly what to do with them just as the fabrics inspire the designs they are made into." The types of stones range from turquoise and labradorite, to less heard of stones such as lemon quartz (otherwise known as "green gold") and aqua seafoam.
Maa's earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces can be ordered on the web at


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