Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Summer of Horn, CZ and more...

Gearing up for the photo shoot of summer collection. There are lots of horn beads in this collection. Golden horn cuff with sterling clasp, black horn necklace with interesting weaved pendant, golden horn with peridot and gold wire... There's also the new "stone" on the market -cubic zirconia beads. CZ's first appearance in the 70's was as a diamond imitation, but this time around it's as its own gloriously colored beads. The thing about CZ is that it's very sparkly and has a nice weight to it, that it's a wonderful material to use in all kinds of designs. I must admit, when I first saw it on the market I was a little resistant to it's "non-gem" quality. But then I thought, what is the big deal about gemstones? A designer should be able to use any materials that inspire. It's how one uses the materials, not what it is or how much it costs. CZ is not a cheap material. If anything, it's far more costly then jasper, agate, new jade, and all kinds of imitation quartz (cherry, pineapple, lilac).

Almost forgot, rings! Rings started out as my favorite and most important category, but as my collections evolved and materials changed they were left behind. I was a little unsure of the logistics of making rings fit the way I want them to. But, what's close to the heart stays close to the heart. Rings are back in a big way for me! I've overcome the problems I thought I had. In this new collection I have lots of cocktail rings with stones used in interesting ways. Wait till you see them. I won't give too many details here to spoil the surprise. No pictures, no peeking!


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