Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Bag Lady's Turquoise Rings

The Bag Lady feels the same as I do about turquoise. She has chosen three rings to feature on her site. I like the way she sees my rings.

I was never a turquoise person but I guess that was before I ever saw turquoise in the right light. I fell in love with turquoise at the trade shows because they were different than the traditional turquoise that had been around. They were in blues, light powder blues, blue greens, green blues, yellow greens, brown greens, full of interesting patterns and matrix, chubby rondells that looked hand carved, large nuggets that were irregular, and of course, my favorite, simple cut. All of a sudden, they were modern and full of different possibilities instead of just the 70's look to me. I saw them in Chinese and Egyptian light with high k gold and in elegant modern setting with sterling. Thus my love affair with turquoise began.

As you can see on Anne Maa Designs, I have turquoise designs in many flavors as the different stones demand. I especially like these bracelets in turquoise. Two are not turquoise but chrysacola, which has a certain veining and blue to it that you don't see in turquoise.


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