Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I Dream In Gemstones

I have a bunch of new gems from the trade show I just attended. Nothing beats trade shows for the latest and the newest. I get to talk directly to the importers and distributors and often times the manufactures themselves. I find out about the new stones, cuts, shapes, colors and treatments. To find out if a new vendor has good prices I've gotten to know the cost per gram and per carat on certain qualities of my favorite gems and that's a lot of stones' prices to remember. It's funny how I can't tell you what I did yesterday but I can go on about the details on the gems.

I almost came home with a strand of luscious, sparkly whiskey quartz in diamond shape with checkerboard facets. I was hypnotized by them and couldn't take my eyes and hands off . They were $1245. I've ached for them since. It reinforces my goal in the path I have to take with my craft. I want to get to where I can use whatever I desire. Anything I fancy. It cramps my style not to be able to pick up a strand of beads that catches my eye. I also desire the yellow of 24K gold. I'll settle for 22K or even 20K, but no lower. My line has evolved from glass beads in the very beginning to gemstones to quality gemstones. I've no doubt it will evolve to the next and the level after that. I am over a collection pretty much the moment it's completed.

So wait for me, luscious, sparkly beads and gold. I'm on my way!

This photo has nothing to do with this posting. Just to have something to look at.


Blogger Meg said...

And what a great photo to look at it is! I totally understand where you are coming from, from my point of view are a lot close to your goal talent wise anyway, you do have beautiful work, gold or not. You make the gems you use look as delightful as I have ever seen and that provides wonderful inspiration to beginners like me

So thanks & You go girl!!!
(wow was that cheezy or what)

July 13, 2005  
Blogger Pamela Erny said...

What beautiful works of "jewelry art" you create!
I found you after you left a comment on my blog, OFF THE CUFF, Style.

In the near furture I will be featuring truly talented designers who work within various fashion media...I'd like to do an article featuring you and your work.

I really admire good design...may I link to you? Shall we exchange
links? Email me and we'll discuss it!

July 15, 2005  

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