Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New Cuts of Gems

I've been loving the new cuts of gems out on the market these days, and this is one of them. These full briolettes of light amethyst with superb clarity are sophisticated. The shape and faceting give them the extra sparkle. Hold them up to the sunlight and watch the sparklies they cast...just like a disco ball. I've never been a real amethyst fan. Most of what I see out there are not gorgeous gorgeous. Many are such saturated purple(dyed) that they are not transparent and are just not of very good quality. These, on the other hand, are just beautiful! The full brio cut gives them the look of something organic, like seeds of a fruit. Can't wait to cut the strand and start!

Friday, July 22, 2005

London Blue Topaz

Blue topaz comes in 3 colors with the lightest being Sky Blue, medium blue is Swiss Blue and the deepest is London Blue. All blue topaz are irradiated to achieve these colors. What I love of the London blue topaz above is the clean clarity of the stones. They almost look like the most beautiful deep blue jell-o nuggets. I'm not a jell-o fan but I'd certainly eat jell-o that looks like that.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Green Gold Gem

Here's what I'm after now. Gem quality quartz called Green Gold with fabulous swirls of smoke in each gem. I just love a modern, clean cut like this. Again, small fortune but perfect for sparkly, irresistible cocktail rings, and I can't resist cocktail rings. This is my kind of bling.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I Dream In Gemstones

I have a bunch of new gems from the trade show I just attended. Nothing beats trade shows for the latest and the newest. I get to talk directly to the importers and distributors and often times the manufactures themselves. I find out about the new stones, cuts, shapes, colors and treatments. To find out if a new vendor has good prices I've gotten to know the cost per gram and per carat on certain qualities of my favorite gems and that's a lot of stones' prices to remember. It's funny how I can't tell you what I did yesterday but I can go on about the details on the gems.

I almost came home with a strand of luscious, sparkly whiskey quartz in diamond shape with checkerboard facets. I was hypnotized by them and couldn't take my eyes and hands off . They were $1245. I've ached for them since. It reinforces my goal in the path I have to take with my craft. I want to get to where I can use whatever I desire. Anything I fancy. It cramps my style not to be able to pick up a strand of beads that catches my eye. I also desire the yellow of 24K gold. I'll settle for 22K or even 20K, but no lower. My line has evolved from glass beads in the very beginning to gemstones to quality gemstones. I've no doubt it will evolve to the next and the level after that. I am over a collection pretty much the moment it's completed.

So wait for me, luscious, sparkly beads and gold. I'm on my way!

This photo has nothing to do with this posting. Just to have something to look at.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Rose Quartz is Mine!

Ok. It's finally over. No more thinking about it night and day. The heart won like it usually does with me. I got the strand of beautifully faceted rose quartz in rare quality and shape (see photo in 'I NEED This' below). It will be in the next collection if it lasts that long. It will of course be made into rings with vermeil, rings with sterling, bracelet with one of those two precious metals depending on which equally beautiful clasp I have, and maybe the smallest stones can be earrings? YAY!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Bag Lady's Turquoise Rings

The Bag Lady feels the same as I do about turquoise. She has chosen three rings to feature on her site. I like the way she sees my rings.

I was never a turquoise person but I guess that was before I ever saw turquoise in the right light. I fell in love with turquoise at the trade shows because they were different than the traditional turquoise that had been around. They were in blues, light powder blues, blue greens, green blues, yellow greens, brown greens, full of interesting patterns and matrix, chubby rondells that looked hand carved, large nuggets that were irregular, and of course, my favorite, simple cut. All of a sudden, they were modern and full of different possibilities instead of just the 70's look to me. I saw them in Chinese and Egyptian light with high k gold and in elegant modern setting with sterling. Thus my love affair with turquoise began.

As you can see on Anne Maa Designs, I have turquoise designs in many flavors as the different stones demand. I especially like these bracelets in turquoise. Two are not turquoise but chrysacola, which has a certain veining and blue to it that you don't see in turquoise.