Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Ring

Most of my designs have been toned down a bit. After all, they need to be wearable to most places by most people, just like what you see on the runway is not the same as what's in the stores. Now and then a bit of statement breaks through. This is just one of those items. Unless the right person sees it, I don't expect to sell it. Which is ok with me because I'm that right person! Now, if I can get a decent picture of my aquamarine stone age cutting tool ring I will post it. It doubles as a weapon.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Vintage Chic

Here is a set just off the bench. The look here is what might be found in grandma's jewelry box. The rings were made with newly acquired stones but then more is needed to go with them hence the quick set. I sure hope my taking and posting bad pictures doesn't become a regular thing here but it's so convenient to post up to date designs.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Holiday Collection

I have enough new designs for a whole new collection! I'm still on the Opulent kick but this time it's even more opulent. Lots of rubies of all shapes and sizes. Lots of quartz with golden and bronze needles. Lots of lush vermeil. Lots of long necklaces and necklaces good for doubling up with shorter ones. Gorgeous green garnet nuggets with gold. It's a bit more primal then refined this time, nevertheless lush and opulent, if not more. Too bad I won't get this new batch of designs online. It just takes tool much work and time to do so in this busy season. If you are around here then you might catch me at a show. My special love is rings so you will see lots of rings. One for every finger at least.

The ruby set below is only part of the new ruby items. It's more refined and delicate than the the rest of the new designs but ruby calls for it. It took awhile for me to finally decide to put this unprofessional photo up. I have a pet peeve about ugly photos. We'll see how long I can stand to look at this photo before taking it down.