Saturday, April 08, 2006

Metals and Crosses III

Here is the last of the Metals and Crosses series for now. The first is Swiss Blue Topaz on old fashioned 14k gold filled chain with a vermeil metal of Mary. This looks great layered with other necklaces. The second is a Crackled Citrine 14k gold filled necklace with vermeil (sterling plated with 22k gold) beads measuring 47" with a 7" drop. Wear it doubled as shown or single with the right outfit for a dramatic look. This is also great layered with other necklaces in the collection. The third is a bronze freshwater pearl necklace with a vermeil 4 way cross used as a metal. This is stunning worn with the other two necklaces in the same suite. Next is a four strand necklace with sterling chains and pink shell pearls (cut out of shell instead of glass like other faux pearls. The larger the shell pearl the thicker the shell is required to make it. It is the best man made pearl base available due to the natural material's ability to hold a lustrous coating.) and sterling mother of pearl clasp with a sterling marcasite pendent. Very Edwardian and Rock at the same time. The last piece is a Hindu metal made of 18k gold on the front and backed with sterling. It's crocheted with red silk with 18k gold beads and clasp. It is called the Seven Sisters. I don't know the story of this Seven Sisters but many cultures have stories of Seven Sisters including the Chinese and Greek mythologies.


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