Thursday, June 29, 2006

You Can Knock Off But You Can't Catch Me

People have always knocked me off, it's just how it is. When I designed clothes I saw almost my entire line knocked off once when I walked into a department store, among many other minor knock offs. I've been running into knock offs in my jewelry designs too.

People tend to end up with the same designs using similar materials and shapes and are influenced by the same trends, and it's perfectly natural. That is called collective conclusion, but that is not what I mean here. A while ago I happened on a site I had come across at the beginning of my jewelry designing career and thought to myself, if I could only end up like her with a professional looking site and nice looking jewelry I would have made it. In the mean time, I had gotten my name and style out there, and now I see a specific design of mine on her site. When a particular design and idea doesn't follow a line of thought that matches the rest of a cohesive collection I know it's a copy of another's design. That, and that it happens to look exactly like a set of mine. We are both in the same ads and on other sites, so I can see where the thread is. I was surprised at first, but I can't deny there was satisfaction too, in someone I thought was a respected designer being inspired by me enough to knock me off is a definitely a form of making it for me.

Recently a designer of another line told me the person she hired to make her jewelry for her copied her signature designs and started her own line with it. The woman is now in the same shows and market places competing with her. I had forgotten all this until I happened to see the knock off artist's blog and saw my almost exact words in a blog entry on her blog. I also came across a bracelet of hers while flipping through a magazine at the checkout line that is an exact copy of my bracelet from a previous collection. Wow. The un-inspired is really un-inspired!

My Rings, as mentioned before, have inspired countless people to do the same. It's understandable. They are irresistible even to me. As always, the knock offs continue to happen with regularity. My thought is, you can copy, but you can't keep up. I only have unlimited designs to draw from. I don't have the time to develop even my good designs completely before moving into the next design because I'm bored by then. I always respect a designer who has their own ideas, and you can see it clearly in their line. It's devoid of repeats of what's in everyone else's line. So go ahead and knock off, copy and wait for my next collection to make your next collection. With the jewelry market so saturated it really takes an inspired designer to stand out and make it in the long run.


Anonymous jen said...

I had mentioned something to this effect on my own blog – it is a grossly over saturated market – those of us who can stand apart and truly offer something unique fall pray to such potential hazards. I think so many people enter this market because they like to make jewelry – not because they want to rock the industry to it’s knees – and in this market – if you don’t have that drive and vision, it will be a long and fruitless journey. I am not quite there, but I hope to be!

June 30, 2006  
Blogger Anne said...

I see some who have a good business sense do have a good career being a follower, and that's ok.

Sometimes I wish I can just be middle of the road and hit a wider audience by being more understandable but I just can't do it. Especially since I finally figured out I hate making repeat jewelry. So my only reward in this is designing and seeing the prototype. And since I want my jewelry exactly so I will have to make it myself until I find someone who is specific when it comes to following a sample.

June 30, 2006  
Anonymous Bella said...

You keep hustling, baby! Love your attitude. I say find as brilliant a lawyer. ;)

July 02, 2006  
Blogger Georgia said...

One of the reasons I'm diversifying. The jewelry market is so saturated and it becomes more and more difficult to be unique. Even when you think you are, you turn around and find that 5 other people are doing the same things. Partially coincidence, partially subconscious copying and partially conscious copying.

At least with fabric I have much more flexibility in creating unique designs.

Anne, your look is definitely a well-defined one, and any copycats are just that. You're the real thing :) Keep on doing what you're doing!

And yes, I'll admit, I'm dying to know who you're talking about!! LOL

July 05, 2006  
Blogger Anne said...

Georgia, haha, don't even tempt me. I'm dying to tell!

I would love to do leather bags and children's clothing. I have tons of ideas and designs, if I only have the space and time/energy to match I would! Like I need another obsession to consume me!

July 05, 2006  
Blogger Liana said...

Hey Anne...

I don't think anyone can make the beautiful jewelry and designs that you do like you! :o)

July 05, 2006  
Blogger Valerie said...

well said - those who have to wait and see what others do will never make it in any creative business in the long run. I have seen pale imitations of your rings before, but I know the real deal!

July 07, 2006  
Blogger funkyjunkie said...

yes, very well said ... :)

It is definitely a saturated market, but, like pp said, you're designs are certainly unique. I look forward to being able to afford one of your OOAK creations for my own.

July 08, 2006  
Blogger Editor said...

Yours are the VERRRRRY BEST! Rosie :)

August 01, 2006  

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