Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I love these sculptural pieces of turquoise and chrysacola with vermeil.


On my way to Italy via Boston. We will be staying in a villa in Tuscany. Also planned is a trip to the Vatican which I look forward to. I've always had a thing for all the ceremonial pageantry of Catholicism, even before I knew there were different kinds of Christians. I've long had a fascination with crucifixes, frankincense, religious artifacts, triptychs, illuminated books/bibles, ornate carvings, rosaries, old ladies with black lace over their heads praying, catacombs... I can certainly use some Holy water sprinkled on me to cast out the demons. No more chaotic ideas coming out of my ears and hair standing on my head. I'll be back a new person with organized ideas.

I've also had to give in and design a sub collection last week. I've been trying to not design all the time and only when the market calls for it, but this one just erupted. It hurts somewhere to not let it out so I had to do it. I love it and can't wait to shoot it and post it; but it will have to wait till much later.

Let's see, I've posted all of the crosses and metals so I will show you shots of them layered.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Chill with Ice

Summer is my winter. I don't go out for the baking sun, the crippling heat and the shadeless paths between the parking lot and the store. I don't do anything that requires me to be outside even a few minutes. I let the garden be neglected and fried and die as it will. After all, gardens die in the winter, don't they? I wish I can hibernate till the chill of fall arrives. A tall glass of iced something is always glued to my hand, even as I type, the drips are seeping down the keyboard. The only things I can even bear to set eyes on are ice in glass. That and of course, these: