Monday, September 11, 2006

Caveman Jewelry?

Most of the time the pieces of my collection I personally love do not look like much on the website. Some other designs are always more photogenic or more showy. What I like are the more artistic and interesting concepts, the unique applications or the not often seen cuts of stones.

The style that fits the above mentioned in this new mini collection is this bronze rutilated quartz necklace and earring set. For some reason transparent gems with embedded stuff is just fascinating to me. It's like looking at marbles with different swirls of colors in them. That's just the stone part. The technique of this wrapping is difficult to say the least. A thin wire is looped through the same hole twice to achieve the look I wanted. It took forever due to the size of the hole and the wire not fitting through the 2nd time. I didn't want to go thinner on the wire due to durability issues. The stone 'wheel' is able to turn or spin, at least most of them. This technique seems like how a caveman would make jewelry if you think about it. I love the delicate, caveman and old fashioned(the filigree balls) look. This was actually made a while ago but I didn't feel the need to make them public.


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