Saturday, January 28, 2006

Shecky's Retail Store NY

I've just finished designing a special collection just for Shecky's new retail store in Soho, NYC, featuring 35 up and coming designers selling everything from clothes to handbags to home accessories . This collection, as with the Spring Collection, is a little different then what I've been doing. Expecting fashionistas and stylish chicks, I've designed 30+ pieces of a collection that is closer to what I'd like to end up designing. It's been great fun and very satisfying to have more freedom in design and materials. It will be better still when I take the next steps toward freedom in each of the up coming collections until I get to where I'd like to stay.

If you are in the area, do drop by Shecky's Shop at 489 Broome Street come Feb 15. Be sure to let me know how everything looks since I will not be there to see it.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Major Hoarding Here I come

I have been so itching to start the Spring Collection since mid December. I do have new materials already but I am waiting until after the Tucson Major Buying Trip to officially start. I love and fear that annual trip for many reasons. It is such a big show (actually it's 30-40 major shows) with vendors and manufactures directly from around the world. The tents are so big that you don't realize you're in a tent at all. The shows spread throughout Tucson so that you really can't get a hotel room at a decent price if you can get a room at all. Overseas manufacturers ship massive quantities of goods over in large containers and use the containers as storage for what they can't fit in their booth space (many larger then most houses). What a sight it is to see huge piles of jewels and pearls like in Aladdin's caves.

You can be on your feet for the entire day, everyday, for days and only have seen a small part of what's there. Imagine a rock concert's crowd, bathroom lines, food prices, and shoving! All that plus price per carat/gram per type of stone memorization and negotiating. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Tucson takes in $5 million in sales tax alone. That's amazing considering most show transactions are tax free as they are wholesale deals. I do love all the energy of the shows and the prospect of discovering new gems and new shapes and cuts. I love seeing where the whole gemstone trend is going and what's hot in the coming year and discovering new vendors. I've become good friends with quite a few whom I can trust to tell me about certain processes of treating the stones and details on the cutting and manufacturing end of the stones I love. There is so much to see, buy and learn that it keeps me going beyond my normal physical limits.

At the end of the trip when I am completely spent (yes, monetary too) I am charged with the excitement of all the new materials and ideas for the Spring line that I've held back so long to design. No rest for the wicked, or obsessed, in this case.

Here are some of what I'll be looking out for in Tucson: Huge Apatite Nuggets and
Champagne Citrine.