Monday, May 22, 2006

New Rings

Everyone must know by now that I LOVE RINGS. I like many per hand or just one good one. Many people are inspired by my rings and quite a few copy my designs but no one can do them like I do. Look around then look at my rings, my rings are neatly and tightly wrapped. Everything is done for the exact look I want to have, from the number of wraps for the band to the gauge of the wire used to the way the wire wraps around a stone to give it a bezel look or a pedestal look. The gold filled or sterling wire for each stone is chosen to best enhance the stone, not according to the popularity of the metal, in answering the question of why I don't design more rings with sterling.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Designs Coming Soon

Lots of new designs are coming.

I found the most amazing intense blue lapis. I love lapis only when they look this good. I also have a light blue turquoise with light tan matrix that is perfect for summer, or anytime. Sign up for the newsletter to be notified of the collection release and exclusive discount.

Small peek of 2 designs below.