Monday, November 20, 2006

Cocktail Rings with a Vintage Angle

I find myself attached(briefly)to certain styles. I'm usually only entertained by most things for a short time. Right now I just love the Matte Jade Ring and Lemon Quartz Nugget Ring. They both are a bit surreal and remind me of vintage Lucite or celluloid. Even the shapes of these stones are vintage. And where else but in vintage pieces is one going to find stones used standing up like these? I must say that the Matte Green Jade Ring is not for the timid. It is of a very good size stone and a bona fide cocktail ring that won't go un-noticed. It's muted matte green serves perfectly to understate it's size and shape. The scallop gold tip adds to it's vintage feeling. Just love them both!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Group Photos

Just want to show you some group photos of the cross and metals and 18k and black diamonds. They look great layered with each other and with other necklaces in the collection. I like group shots. They look festive.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

An Interview

I always feel a bit naked with interviews but this one wasn't was actually fun!

Liana, who designs jewelry, has a fun and funky baby site coming soon, also has a lovely blog of interesting finds and interviews with indies designers. I think she should be interviewed for being so multi-talented!

Go to Mixed Plate Blog to read the interview and browse around to get good gift ideas too. There, you're not wasting your're also working on your holiday shopping list.