Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Strange but Well Fitting Rings

It turns out there are lots of one-of-a kind pieces in this new collection. I didn't mean to produce a collection that I can't reproduce but due to different reasons it ended up this way. There are always pieces I don't want to see sold so I'm debating which pieces to list and which pieces not to list. This really doesn't make sense because I don't have the need to wear them. I only want to have them around so I can look and play with them. I keep seeing this image of myself sitting on a pile, yes, I mean a mountain, of my jewelry and refusing to sell them. My pet peeve is things not fitting well. This was the case when I designed clothes too. Although many new rings look 'strange' they are really comfortable to wear. Many are made to be worn a certain way for looks and fit. Below are some examples of these rings.


Blogger Zurina said...

I really like the ring on the bottom - what stone did you use in the setting?

It's very cool that you've gotten into casting. I also do jewelry, and am taking some silversmithing classes this summer. I so stoked to be able to use new techniques in my work!

June 23, 2007  
Anonymous jen said...

omg - these are gorgeous! can't wait to see the entire collection anne!

June 24, 2007  
Blogger An Aquarian Thought said...

Wow, these are nice.....
I am so looking forward to seeing what else you've come up with. Love the second ring!

June 26, 2007  
Blogger Anne said...

Thanks for the love. I totally forgot to name the stone on the "Green Fluorite Cocktail Ring" I wish I knew the name of that shape where it's 2 pyramid bottoms stuck together. That's what this fluorite stone's shape is.

June 26, 2007  

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