Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Aquamarine Swirl Bracelet

This bracelet with wrapped aquamarine is a one and only. There's a lot of that in lost wax casting unless I make a mold which I'm too impatient to do most of the time. The fun for me is in seeing the finished piece and once I do I lose the interest in working further on that piece. I had expected this for this first stage of my venture into lost wax. I also know I will get over this stage and mature into something else so I treasure this fleeting period.
I love how this bracelet reminds me of those chained tags that come on I can't remember what...brandy bottles or something? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Maybe I imagined it. I find that I sometimes have imagined memories. Scary!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Strange but Well Fitting Rings

It turns out there are lots of one-of-a kind pieces in this new collection. I didn't mean to produce a collection that I can't reproduce but due to different reasons it ended up this way. There are always pieces I don't want to see sold so I'm debating which pieces to list and which pieces not to list. This really doesn't make sense because I don't have the need to wear them. I only want to have them around so I can look and play with them. I keep seeing this image of myself sitting on a pile, yes, I mean a mountain, of my jewelry and refusing to sell them. My pet peeve is things not fitting well. This was the case when I designed clothes too. Although many new rings look 'strange' they are really comfortable to wear. Many are made to be worn a certain way for looks and fit. Below are some examples of these rings.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

New and First

Not done with the photo shoot yet but I will post one pair of earrings. This is my new work with casting. I am very much attracted to the organic, modern, sculptural and imprecise look of the collection. Maybe it's not a good idea leaving my finger prints all over my pieces...it might just come back to haunt me later.