Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sample Sale Vintage Anne Maa

I am finally tackling the project I knew was inevitable...going through and deciding what to do with all the samples from past collections. I mean real past, as in 2004 when I first started. I designed two collections with glass beads before moving to gemstone beads. I have a special attachment to those early collections when I don't usually like to even look at past designs much. I think making jewelry felt magical to me then. I really stumbled on to it by accident. It was confusing, exciting and full of possibilities and I had no idea where it was going to lead. My fashion design past life gave me the structure of thinking I needed to put out collections. It also kept the idea of selling to friends and family completely foreign to me. I started to learn how to use a computer (didn't know how to turn it on or off, or what a browser was) and also learn how to type so I can sell online, which was the only place I wanted to sell. I loved to be anonymous and not deal with real people. I still feel the same way and I'm glad I don't feel lonely in my work in that respect.

I've slowly started to put some pieces in a new Etsy store. I'm realizing I can't just hoard those samples forever and there's no reason to do so either. I've been 'shedding' in many ways in my life at this point and find that I don't need or want much now. It's a freeing place to be...though it is a lot of work to 'shed' sometimes.

Here are some designs from the early collections. These will be listed or may already listed.

I never thought of having a store on Etsy but now I have two. I can't say how long these stores will last. They might start to feel too tied down for me or I might find them too tedious to upkeep. For now here they are:

Sample sale -

Supplies -


Blogger natha perkins said...

Anne, your pictures are always so beautifully lit- do you take your own photos of your work and if you do, how do you manage such amazing light?

June 17, 2008  
Blogger Anne said...

Thanks Natha. I don't take the photos on my site. I style the shoot and my semi pro bother takes the photos. Another important thing is editing the photos.

September 12, 2008  

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