Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kyanite Suite

There are a few suites in this recent collection that were unexpected and it turns out I really like them. Two of these suites were last minute additions. I was just cruising a trade show with nothing in mind and saw someone carrying a tray with some of these stones. The combination of colors set off a spark in me so I stopped to take a look and it ended up with me getting stones that are not usually of interest to me. I've not been a fan of kyanite because most of the kyanite (blue and green) I see are full of inclusions with a dry and faded look and I'm all about lush and rich. These kyanite slabs were not only beautifully rich but also shaped uniquely with the holes drilled in an unexpected way. The usual way being through the thickness of the stone. Seeing these immediately gave me flashes of how they'd look finished but in an abstract, none exact way. Actually, it was a feeling of how I would feel when I looked at the finished piece. This is what usually happens when I'm inspired by the stone. Then I go chasing that feeling by putting together the right ingredients in the right way.

Here are the kyanite pieces. They are really amazing to feel and stroke in one's hand because their shapes suggest that they should be metal, like a dog tag but they are translucent with streaks running through them.


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