Friday, January 25, 2008

Knocked Off Again

Getting knocked off is a fact of life, I keep telling my kids when they complain of being copied by each other in their art work. I tell them there's no way of preventing it and not much can be done about it. I tell them to see it as a 'good' thing...their art is good enough to 'inspire' others. They don't seem to buy that much though.

I come across lots of this in my work too. I don't get as steamed as most people I know when this happens. I am actually flattered most of the time, aside from feeling disgusted, that is. Another thing that happened besides getting knocked off is appearing on eBay as a fake. A seller posted a wire wrapped ring and claimed it was an Anne Maa Design designer ring and included a link to my site. I showed it to my kids to prove this happens to adults in the real world too. That didn't seem to help in lessening their frustration when it happens to them either.

Recently the supplier I've been getting my raw chunky stones from for my last 2 collections proudly showed me the ring he had made in his native Uruguay. It was a knock off of my ring (the stone were from him) that I showed him months before. Since I was very picky and specific on the stones and what I needed them for only a small amount of what he supplied met my requirements so I was instructing him on what type of stone I was looking for. He went on to ask if I'd mind if he made my Amethyst Stalactite Ring and sold them in other states so as not to take business from me. Sadly, my understanding of how these things worked made me not bother to put up a fight. Also knowing that the knock off would not be something I'd buy and that there's nothing I can do if he were to do it behind my back. I told him to go ahead. My comfort in a situation like this is always that I will be onto my next thing in no time. I am already done with the designs he is copying.

Here is his copy of my ring. The one he saw and knocked off was the cast ring with prongs that was not online and I didn't take pictures of it before it was sold.

I am currently working on the Spring Collection and and having lots of fun exploring new areas.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sale and New Collection

The sale is underway so sign up for the Newsletter for the link before it goes public.

Of course the Newsletter after that will be the one announcing Spring Collection. Don't miss it! I have something very different still. I seem to be moving forward faster then I planned. Now I have lots of unused materials left. I need acquire in a more conservative way if I can't stay put long enough to use them up. Hard lesson to learn for me.