Friday, February 22, 2008

Dark Lemon Citrine!

I am pretty much done with beads (stones with drill hole). I don't see much new or different gemstones out there to excite or inspire. I rarely go to trade shows for supplies anymore. I went today to look for a non-bead gemstone for a wedding ring request. I didn't see anything close to what I was looking for but came home with this strand of beads that caught my eye. It was almost the equivalent of my mortgage, in southern California! I had to have it...I knew it the whole time I was pretending I was just going to look at it, to play with it and put it back. I'm so glad this happens way less often then it used to.

Feast your eyes...3/4" dark lemon citrine simple cut gems! Huge, clear and modern. I can't stop looking at it!

I wont need the whole strand but will have to wait a season or two before I can put it up in my Etsy shop. I wonder if anyone will pay what I paid for this. This is exactly my weakness.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

18K 3 Ring Set

I just finished a custom ring set and want to share it with you here. I will make an effort to start photographing the custom work I do. I am finding that I have no reference photos when I need them.

This is a 3 ring set like the sterling ones but in 18k gold. I love how it looks...warm, matte and natural, like it grew that way.

Jewelry Supplies, Gemstones for Sale

I finally did it. I did two things that I dreaded. I'm finally starting to sell off some of my loot from my hoarding days. I opened a store on Etsy which was dread #1. I'm not good at learning new tech stuff. I also started the endless task of photographing, editing, and uploading with all the tedious product details. That was dread #2. I'm glad to have started and now find them not to be so hard. I do have so much of everything it's a bit defeating to think about it. It'll have to be a side thing but I will keep at it when I 'm able.

If you are in the market for stones, clasps, findings and chains then you might want to take a look at what I've hand picked for myself but never got to. Things will be about wholesale prices, which was what I paid. Some were purchased before the silver price hike of late so you might be getting a even better deal.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Truth Be Told...

Thanks for the support on the previous post. It helps greatly to be understood.

I can't wait to see his other copies of my rings when I see him next. Actually, I can guess how they will look, given the techniques they use.

For some twisted reason I bought a few of his amethyst rings. I'm not sure why but maybe I wanted to get in on the sell knock off game too...just so I'm not a victim. I'd be the ultimate un-victim if I sold my own knock offs. Sick, I know.

Alright then, where can I sell these rings is the next thing I need to figure out.