Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kyanite Suite

There are a few suites in this recent collection that were unexpected and it turns out I really like them. Two of these suites were last minute additions. I was just cruising a trade show with nothing in mind and saw someone carrying a tray with some of these stones. The combination of colors set off a spark in me so I stopped to take a look and it ended up with me getting stones that are not usually of interest to me. I've not been a fan of kyanite because most of the kyanite (blue and green) I see are full of inclusions with a dry and faded look and I'm all about lush and rich. These kyanite slabs were not only beautifully rich but also shaped uniquely with the holes drilled in an unexpected way. The usual way being through the thickness of the stone. Seeing these immediately gave me flashes of how they'd look finished but in an abstract, none exact way. Actually, it was a feeling of how I would feel when I looked at the finished piece. This is what usually happens when I'm inspired by the stone. Then I go chasing that feeling by putting together the right ingredients in the right way.

Here are the kyanite pieces. They are really amazing to feel and stroke in one's hand because their shapes suggest that they should be metal, like a dog tag but they are translucent with streaks running through them.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Look

It's not that I liked the way my blog looked before. I am just entirely not fluent in html or code or anything technical so I had to put up with the least offensive template I could find. It's not that I'm entirely happy with the way it looks now but I am glad to have thought to go into the template and start making up numbers in the color code area. I compared these color code numbers with Photoshop but of course those are not the same color codes so I just input random numbers and chose from there. One day I know I will end up with the clean, modern and non-sterile look I want. In the meantime, I think I like these strange colors together. For now.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sample Sale Vintage Anne Maa

I am finally tackling the project I knew was inevitable...going through and deciding what to do with all the samples from past collections. I mean real past, as in 2004 when I first started. I designed two collections with glass beads before moving to gemstone beads. I have a special attachment to those early collections when I don't usually like to even look at past designs much. I think making jewelry felt magical to me then. I really stumbled on to it by accident. It was confusing, exciting and full of possibilities and I had no idea where it was going to lead. My fashion design past life gave me the structure of thinking I needed to put out collections. It also kept the idea of selling to friends and family completely foreign to me. I started to learn how to use a computer (didn't know how to turn it on or off, or what a browser was) and also learn how to type so I can sell online, which was the only place I wanted to sell. I loved to be anonymous and not deal with real people. I still feel the same way and I'm glad I don't feel lonely in my work in that respect.

I've slowly started to put some pieces in a new Etsy store. I'm realizing I can't just hoard those samples forever and there's no reason to do so either. I've been 'shedding' in many ways in my life at this point and find that I don't need or want much now. It's a freeing place to be...though it is a lot of work to 'shed' sometimes.

Here are some designs from the early collections. These will be listed or may already listed.

I never thought of having a store on Etsy but now I have two. I can't say how long these stores will last. They might start to feel too tied down for me or I might find them too tedious to upkeep. For now here they are:

Sample sale - www.AMDsamplesale.etsy.com

Supplies - www.AMD.etsy.com