Monday, February 16, 2009

What's Been My Problem

I've not gone this long without putting out a collection before and it does not feel right. It also doesn't feel right to not grow or progress with each collection I put out thus the stand still. I have been discouraged by the lack of improvements of a situation and the obstacles I can not seem to get past. It would be easy to put out a sell-able and understandable collection if it didn't feel so pointless to me. Why add to what's already out there.

If I insist on what I would like to do then it might be a while before I can put forth anything at all. I think I might to do a mini suite for now with what I can access. I know it might feel like somewhat of a stand still collection but hopefully I'm just more critical of my own work.

I see that I've been breaking my own rule of providing pictures of with each post. I've dug up some OLD designs of the past. I think it's appropriate to post them since we will be at a stand still mode. I think these are from 2004.


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