Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Collection Lapis Lazuli Ring

This is another ring from the new collection soon to be released. This is a perfect half geode of lapis lazuli of intense blue with a star burst in the center. I have both halves of the geode was was saving the set for a pair of earrings with 22k gold when I unintentionally sculpted the ring base for this ring. Being the impulsive, spur-the-moment person that I am, I decided to cast the ring. I would have preferred 22k or 24k gold with this intense blue but this coil design satisfy enough of my desire to see lapis in ancient treasure settings...anything ancient Egyptian or Chinese.

Raw geode lapis lazuli, Rough gemstone organic ring. Hand sculpted cast sterling.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Preview New. Sale of Old

A collection is gathering and a date for the photo shoot has been set. It is an uneven collection with mostly rings, a few necklaces and no bracelets and earrings so far. I might leave it this way. I think only what I truly love and am naturally inspired to do should go in my collections. And when I can, I try to balance the collection out.

A sample sale is coming before the new Spring Summer Collection arrives. As always, Newsletter subscribers get advanced notice of the sale before it goes public.

Here is a peek at one of the new pieces...Amethyst Stalactite Tip Ring. A light amethyst stalactite tip wrapped in hand sculpted wax then cast in sterling with all the imperfections and finger prints. Sterling is left in a soft matte satin finish for the organic look.