Monday, May 04, 2009

Preview New. Sale of Old

A collection is gathering and a date for the photo shoot has been set. It is an uneven collection with mostly rings, a few necklaces and no bracelets and earrings so far. I might leave it this way. I think only what I truly love and am naturally inspired to do should go in my collections. And when I can, I try to balance the collection out.

A sample sale is coming before the new Spring Summer Collection arrives. As always, Newsletter subscribers get advanced notice of the sale before it goes public.

Here is a peek at one of the new pieces...Amethyst Stalactite Tip Ring. A light amethyst stalactite tip wrapped in hand sculpted wax then cast in sterling with all the imperfections and finger prints. Sterling is left in a soft matte satin finish for the organic look.


Blogger wool and misc said...

hi anne,

thanks so much for your sweet comment and good advice. no use worrying i guess. i'm glad to hear that your parents are on the mend.

thanks for reading and commenting.


ps. your jewelry is GORGEOUS!!

June 02, 2009  

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