Sunday, September 05, 2010

Bronze Sculpture II

It's been a while since I've updated. Many things have happened and changed in the mean time. Looking at my last entry, I feel like picking up right on the same topic so I took a few more pictures of the same collection of bronze and would like to post more of them here.

This is a difficult piece to photograph due to the fact that it is hard to understand what this looks like in two dimensional photos unless you see it in a series of shots or in a video. It looks very different from angle to angle. This is conceived as a piece of sculpture to go in the garden to be discovered if you pay attention to rocks and stones. It is easily blended in with dirt, rocks, plants and other organic matters. To be used in this way it would be displayed convexed side up with the ridges and spikes facing up. It's other use is as a planter or pot with the concaved side up. Drainage holes are built in with the cracks at the bottom. It can also be a display bowl to hold items on a table or shelve.

I was interested in exploring the medium of metal, bronze in this case, but not using it in the traditional way it is used in which it looks like bronze. I wanted the metal to look and behave as clay, ceramic, or wax. I wanted this piece to look like it could be make out of one of those materials. It looks dry and cracked on the bottom and you can see where chunks of material are piled on and pressed but not smoothed or blended in which one doesn't usually see in a bronze sculpture. I don't believe a material should or can only be used as the way it's commonly used. It seems pointless and an useless exercise to continue to produce what a factory can easily produce.

This organic and almost alive piece measures approximately 5" long and 4" wide with a height of 3". I can only guess that the weight is 5 lbs since the only scales I have are for grams and oz.