Monday, August 06, 2012

The Power of the Beauty

Of the hundreds of thousands of minerals on display and available to me at the Tucson gem show I ended up with a few dozens of them.  How did I choose these out of all the ones I saw?  Purely by instinct, intuition and visuals.  Aside from looking the way I want them to look, the minerals I ended up with all have the properties I need, as I found out recently when I looked them up.  I have to say that if you are indecisive and aren't good at scanning large expanses of table tops at a fast walking pace you would be at these shows forever, thus  only cover a small fraction of the shows available.   Here is a stilbite, as used in this Frosty Stilbite Pendant necklace, a stone I repeated bought in different forms from different suppliers.  Out of seas of stones I always spotted them.  


Here is the one I play with.
This is what says about stilbite:

Stilbite is a powerful mineral.
It helps with psychic knowing and intuition.
It is also used for psychic direction and guidance from guides, guardian angels, and totem animals.
Stilbite is also a powerful stone of creativity that enhances creative energy.
It heightens many physical senses, particularly taste.
Stilbite can also help with acceptance and letting go.
It is also used for manifestation.
Physically, stilbite is used to remove toxins, and for laryngitis.
Stilbite is associated with the heart, crown, and throat chakras. 

I know most people do amethysts, citrines and crystals but don't you think stilbite is much more interesting looking in form and texture?