Friday, January 11, 2013

Gem and Mineral Buying Trip

The annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show will be here soon and I am extra excited this time.  I want to be going through the vast amounts of incredible minerals from all over the world right now!  I get to meet people from all parts of the world, many of them remote areas, and get their expert insights on the gems and minerals I'm interested in.  In the back of my mind I know if I discovered a place worth going to for a buying/learning trip then I would.  

This is also the only place where I come across more things I desire then I can walk away with.  Really, this is my Candy Store, my Chocolate Craving, if you will, since in real life I feel nothing for candy or chocolate.  In my twenties this was reserved for boutiques that sold designer clothing and shoes and accessories (although not the same designers that most people coveted).  Now I no longer care for those either.  I enjoy my evolution.  I realized in my late teens that I will always morph and grow in a more drastic way than most people.  I jump with both feet into an idea purely by feeling instead of reason and live fully then up and walk away the moment I feel done.  This was usually a 2 year process.  Knowing this about myself meant I didn't take how I felt about something as the absolute or permanent way I would always feel about it.  This was important in helping me go through something as a passion, a phase, instead of making decisions that would make it permanent, which I then would have pains in extricating it from my life or my life from it.  I feel I have lived many different lives if I think back on the things I've done.  I feel full, in a good way.  Now I will invent the next phase according to the passion I have now.

I see that this posted started with something entirely different with what it ended up with.  Typical of me.  Here is a visual.  I always like to have a visual.  

I like this set with rough rock crystal quartz and pyramids:


Blogger drollgirl said...

ok i love this post. i am going to re-read it. i like how you are not afraid of evolving. sometimes i feel inconsistent and like an idiot when my thoughts, feelings, opinions, tastes change. this happens with all sorts of things. i CANNOT STAND a band, and then years later i start to like them. sometimes the same thing happens with fashion, art, etc. but whatever. nothing wrong with a little morphing every now and again! :)

and loved your comment.

i am leery of "tackling" religion on the blog. i know where i stand -- my dad was a preacher so i pretty much want NOTHING to do with any kind of religion ever. but to each his/her own. but don't try and force it on people! cripes. that is the worst. you know!

and i need to buy a ring from you. i love your stuff. just beautiful.

January 11, 2013  
Blogger Anne said...

I love morphing. I count on it to not be bored. I don't see it as being inconsistent but as outgrowing.

When I like a band I play it a lot but I know in a week, 2 tops, I will not want to play it's so has-been to me. I completely erase it on my ipod and itunes because that I know it'd just be taking up space otherwise.

I tolerate all people and all religion until they want me to live by them...I love bitter greens and head cheese but do I make you eat them?? Really, learn to keep it in your pants.

January 11, 2013  

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