Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Work

I am very glad the Metal Collection has been well received. I wasn't sure if it would be too different then my present customer base. I've had to make more of some of the styles in Limited Editions even though that was not my original intent. I was foolish enough to put some of those limited items in ads that won't be out till later just because I loved the pictures. Some items had been made many times over already just to keep them available for the ad releases. There is a limit though and I think I've reached it...I have made my last batch and will not do anymore. It's just not easy and no fun to 'copy'.

I don't much expect to find any exciting gems anymore but I was full of inspiration upon seeing these new stones recently. Of course I had to drop everything else to try out my new designs. I only have very few completed since I have to squeeze them in between regular work. Others are at different stages of wax or investment or still waiting to be started. My vision for these rough rocks and fossils are thinly rounded silver talons clutching them with the ring band being equally thin and rounded ropes or noodles. I realize this sounds silly as I am typing it but it is what I see in my head. I think Medusa and her surroundings when I shape the waxes for these.

Excuse me for posting this bad picture. I just didn't want to have to wait another month or more to put up good pictures. This is a slice of Amethyst Stalactite. It is rarer then diamonds in nature.