Friday, October 27, 2006

The Quiet and Stylish

I'm not sure if people notice my 'quiet' pieces among the attention getters.

I think this because when I do shows people are always overwhelmed by the sheer number of designs I have. How I wish I can have one of those sparse displays where every pair of earring and necklace has it's own stand. Instead, I have custom designed and made displays and furniture that gets the most amount of product per inch of my space. My site is a lot more edited then my shows, but I still feel certain designs I love might not get equal air time, so I will just have to give them special mentions here.

These delicate but stunning 18k gold and black diamond necklaces and earrings are one of my very favorites. These petite diamonds sparkle amazingly. Everything is on a small and delicate scale, but you sure can't miss them despite their size. I imagine someone quality and classy whose style you can't miss wearing them. Red and high karat gold is a classic combination for me...natural as rain.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What I've Been Hiding

The upcoming Holiday Collection will consists of some styles I've been designing but never put online. I realize I can't put everything up or the collection gets too large and confusing to navigate and hard for the customer to decide. Here I will post some of the styles that are not 'new' in this Holiday Collection.

This beloved Aquamarine Ring is one of my Stand Up rings.

Carnelian stand up ring.

Ametrine Rondell Ring is one of my One Row rings.

This aquamarine is one of the many Wire Swing Earrings.

There. That's the stash I've been hiding. Can't accuse of me of not sharing now.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

First Glimpse of Holiday Collection

I've been dying to put up pictures of what I've been designing, but had to wait for the shoot. Here is one of the first processed images. This is a Garnet Drusy with 24k gold on the back. It is teamed with mandarin garnet and vermeil beads. Talk about fall and holiday!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back By Popular Demand

First I have to apologize for the cheesy phrase. Then I have to say, "It's true!" The aquamarine wrapped pendent necklace was very popular before it sold out. I have more of the aquamarine nuggets now, but see it a bit differently then before, thus the new styling. I especially love the wrap of the bracelet looking like a net or cage on the stone. These earrings are also my favorite way of treating a nugget.
I am building up a very exciting mini collection and will be updating the site as soon as I can book a shoot and process the images. As always, many present styles will be retired. There will also be a sale before the new collection so sign up for the newsletter to get first dibs and notification of collection release.

Just so you know, this is best I can get my photos to look. Glad I don't have to make a living in photography.