Friday, September 12, 2008

Ruby, Pyrite and MOP Suite

Aside from the Kyanite suite and the Amethyst Geode Suite there is the Burmese Ruby, Pyrite and MOP suite. These rubies are different then what's been available on the market. They are Simple Cut, which is one of my favorite shapes, especially for a traditional stone like ruby. They are also a bit more milky in color which I was surprised to find I liked so much. Now pyrite, here's a stone that I've never had much affection for but fell in love with in these old fashion shapes with it's worn, decrepit looks. They also looked so good with the off looking rubies. Then there's these antiqued looking mother of pearl beads I've had from the beginning of my jewelry career. I was very attracted to their raw and unearthed treasure appearance and understood why they were so much more expensive then all the other MOP strands I've seen. I've been keeping them for a special use. With the Burmese rubies and decrepit pyrite they are perfect.